1980 Chevy C10 Silverado TEXAS TRUCKS & CLASSICS

1980 Chevy C10 Silverado TEXAS TRUCKS & CLASSICS

Steel Wheels. (702) 834-9105. Request Info. North Las Vegas, NV (7 mi away) Page 1 of 1. Old Chevy Trucks for Sale in Lake Havasu City AZ. Old Chevy Trucks for Sale in Indio CA. Old Chevy Trucks for Sale in San Bernardino CA. Old Chevy Trucks for Sale in Flagstaff AZ.

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1973-1987 Chevy C10 / 350 or 454 Emblems in Grille. There were a lot of firsts in 1973 with the introduction of the new body style. Wind tunnel testing led to a curved windshield and side door.

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1980s-era Trucks for Sale in Los Angeles CA. 1980s-era Trucks for Sale in Miami FL. 1980s-era Trucks for Sale in New York NY. 1980s-era Trucks for Sale in Philadelphia PA. 1980s-era Trucks for Sale in Phoenix AZ. 1980s-era Trucks for Sale in San Diego CA. Shop the best deal on classic 80s-era square body pickup trucks - only on CarGurus!

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Nov 30, 2020 Trucks from the 1980s and 1990s, known today in enthusiast circles as "Radwood-era" models—a term borrowed from a popular '80s and '90s themed car show of the same name—continue to.

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The 80s was a decade that saw Chevy trucks moving beyond the pure workhorse role and offering a more balanced blend of utility and comfort. The 1982 Chevy S-10 - A New Chapter in Compact Trucks. Replacing the LUV was the S-10, Chevy's first domestically produced compact pickup truck. Available in both short and long bed versions, the S-10 was.

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True, not all pickups of the decade were crafted alike. Several could be rather lacking in both engine and reliability. Yet Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, among other manufacturers, were stepping it up to match the high-powered offerings being sent from Japan. That led to some tremendous trucks, which would set the stage for the better vehicles to come.

1980 Chevy C30 Silverado TEXAS TRUCKS & CLASSICS

Showing 1 - 25 of 130 results Clear Filters Featured Seller 7 21 1980 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 64,000 mi • 8 Cylinder • Silver $ 12,000 or $199 /mo

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Classic Chevrolet K20 For Sale 1970 Chevrolet K20 Price $65,000 Offers 29 1980 Chevrolet K20 Price $24,500 1972 Chevrolet K20.

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1981 Chevrolet K10 Stepside 4x4 This is a rare one. Back in the early eighties, Chevrolet was putting out about 700,000 trucks a year, and only a very small percentage of that hefty number belonged to Stepside units. Furthermore, even less were Stepsides also equipped with 4x4 capabilities.

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Original Price. $4,440. Popular Mechanics named the '73 C30 one of the pickup trucks that "changed the world." 1973 was the beginning of the third generation C/K Series trucks that Chevy called.

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1980 to 1987 Chevrolet Trucks for Sale (1 - 15 of 155) $5,000 1985 Chevrolet C-10 classic vintage chrome short bed Chevy truck SBC automatic Concord, NC. transmission lowered 12 hours ago on Trucks2Cars $29,900 1984 Chevrolet C-10 1984 Chevrolet C10 Silverado Short Bed Pickup Truck 350 V8 Wind Gap, PA. 2WD Hot Street Rod GM

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The Corvette C4 which started production in 1984 was an improvement on its predecessor Corvette C3 in terms of sleeker styling - which includes the first full glass hatchback for Corvette and the L98 V8 engine that produced 330 hp.

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Chevrolet fans embraced the concept with open arms: drop a throttle-body injected 454-cu.in. V-8 into a two-wheel-drive, ½-ton, short-bed pickup, then revive the SS moniker (moribund for three years) thus creating the 454 SS.

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2. 1987 Blazer XT-1 Concept. With a minivan-esque body shape and the underpinnings of a truck-based SUV, the 1987 Blazer XT-1 is a textbook example of a funky 1980s concept vehicle. Originally debuted at the '87 Chicago Auto-Show, the odd-looking XT-1 was powered by a 4.3 liter V6 4WD system—. but the most unusual thing was its steer-by-wire.

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Published Jun 5, 2020 While pickups are now making a switch to luxury, in the '80s and '90s, they were strictly rugged workhorses. And none were tougher than these. Americans love pickup trucks.

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Chevy and GMC Trucks: '73-'87 Special Editions Back then, Chevy C/K trucks were offered in basic Scottsdale, mid-tier Custom Deluxe and top-of-the-line Silverado trims, while GMC trucks, from bottom to top, came with Sierra, Sierra Grande, High Sierra, and Sierra Classic.